Tuesday, July 10, 2012

been through some changes

Been awhile since ive posted here.Ive retired from the national guars in 2009.Retired from the dept of corrections in aug of 2011.Started School in aug of 2011.Now im working at the local jail.Couldnt stand being retired.School is a hoot.I got underware older than my classmates.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rembering missing friends

Today i am remembering missing friends.As i drank my first cup of coffee this morning i did my roll call of the dead.I can still recall each face ,remember times both good & bad,and cherish friendship shared.Looking forward to the day when we all meet in that final formation.Bless them all

Saturday, October 10, 2009


On 9/30/09,at 212 am i lost my father.Since then Ive spent alot of time reflecting on daddy.Daddy Loved his God, His family and his country.Daddy has left me with some mighty good memory"s.Daddy overcame alot in his life.He was the oldest of 12 and grew up in the depression years.My grandfather was a acholoic and between Daddy & my grandmother they kept the family together.Daddy was only able to go as far as the 10th grade in school, but got his GED in the army.He never stopped trying to learn something new.I guess i got my love of books from him.My earliest memory of daddy was in church.he did his best to keep us kids on the straight & narrow, but if we fell short he still loved us.As a correctional Sgt Ive seen what happens when there isn't a strong father to guide you.I never had to worry about daddy drinking up the grocery money & coming home and beating everyone up.Never saw a time when there wasn't food on the table or our needs met.I feel a void right now ,but i can hear him tell me"stand tall boy,your mama needs you.Even now he guides me in my day to day life with the example he set for me in life.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

lovely trip to the ER

last night i was sent to the hospital from work with what they thought was a heart attack.I was rolled into the ER, hooked up with something that looked like a wireing harness from a 58 buick and the had someone taking blood from me everytime time i batted my eyes. I believe they left about three drops in me.at three this morning the dr said i had a angina attack.didnt even know i had one of those.Ya"ll have a great week

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mothers day

Wanted to wish Happy mothers day to all the mothers here.There anit nothing on gods green earth no purer than a mothers love.Hope ya"ll have a wonderful one .

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Im Back

Well looks like i finished up early this time.I got to Texas,and was doing pretty good till the results from the Cardiologist caught up with me.Seems I've developed cardio vascular disease and I'm also CPOD.The Doc said the trip itself would kill me.I asked for a second opinion but the army doesn't work that way.So they sent me back home two weeks ago & I've been processing at the unit for the last two weeks fighting this.Looks like sometime in the next couple months i will be medically discharged and will no longer be able to serve this great country of ours.I'm sorry i haven't written till today.Right now I'm in a pretty dark place emotionally but i will pull out of it.Ive had a pretty good run and no regrets,I'm just having a hard time letting go.I'll just have to find another way to make myself useful.Ya"l have a great day & thank ya"ll so much for all the supportive statements ive found on my previous posting.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

on my way

Looks like im headed for Ft Hood texas friday for a couple of months and then to Iraq.Durning this inprocessing ive been impressed with two things.One is the spirit of those youngsters im with and the age gap between us.I seem to the the antique of the bunch,and im already known as pop"s.I also feel my age now.Im definately not 50 anymore.Dont know how this will play out for me,but i go willingly.There may be some snow on this old rooftop of this head of mine,but the chimmly"s still smoking.Ya"ll take care