Monday, January 5, 2009

Armory Ghost

Here's one that i had on js that country girl asked for.The Roxboro armory that i make my military drills at has a unseen solider still making rounds there.due to the distance that i travel i usually spend night"s there rather than drive back & forth.One night around 1am i woke and headed to the latrine area.I could hear some walking across the armory floor.Combat boots make a distintive sound .I stepped over to the doorway to see if it was Sgt Cotton coming in early.The drill hall was as empty as a bottomless bucket.I shook my head and started back to the latrine.About that time sgt cotton came in.I asked him had he been out in the drill hall.He said no,im just getting in.I said "i wonder who the hell that was".At that instant a pitcure fell off the wall.It was a photo of a past commander who had recently passed on.I guess i got my answer.


  1. Any self-respecting armory ghost would be an officer, no? Imagine the shame of being haunted by a PFC!

  2. I guess he let you know. Who the hell he was.

  3. Thanks!!! I love this one. :-) Although, I do have to say, I am not a huge fan of Officers. Most of them I have met have been jerks. *sigh* NCOs are waaaay cooler. ;-)

    Thanks again for posting this one. :-)

  4. Now that's some eerie stuff right there!

  5. Doot doot beep beep I'm here to roll blog you to my front door ;) *HUGS*
    Just your neighborhood friendly fem fatal ~K

  6. creepy! Love the blog...and thank you for the comment on my dog...he loves compliments :).